Daycare & Preschool Programs

Children love to explore the world of animals, and what better way for young children to learn and explore than interacting hands-on with animals.  Pawsitively Pets has specially designed programs that are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers that focus on giving children to opportunity to hold, learn, engage and develop a sense of caring and empathy hands-on with animals.

We offer discounted rates for childcare and preschools with programs starting at 45-minute sessions.  Packages can also be divided between classes into sessions of 30-minutes.  All animals are permissible under the local by-laws, meet all the requirements by the Minisitry of Education for the Early Years Guidelines surrounding animal programs.  All Pawsitively Pets staff have vulnerable sector background checks we can provide you with for your records.

If you love animals being a part of your program we can arrange to visit you weekly or monthly bringing a different wonderful animal adventure each time.  Our program is an engaging and educational program for children of any age to bring learning to life.

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