Meet Our Reptile Team

We have Tortoises, Hermit Crabs, Geckos, Lizards, and Snakes


Ever wonder what the difference between a turtle and tortoise is? Well there are a few common differences. We have 4 different species of tortoises in our animal team, and they’re all a bit different from each other. We have some tortoise species who thrive in tropical environments, and some in more desert conditions. One thing is for sure, a pet tortoise is a huge commitment. Some tortoises can live over 100 years!

Hermit Crabs

Check out these cool crustaceans!

We have some terrestrial species of hermit crabs, that thrive in tropical habitats. What’s really cool about them, is that even though they live mostly on land, they still breath through gills! Because of their gills they must be able to get fresh and saltwater.

Geckos (leopard)

There are so many different types of geckos!

We have leopard geckos, crested geckos, and leaf-tailed geckos in our animal team.

Geckos (crested)

Each gecko has amazing unique qualities that help them to survive in the wild.

Some have “sticky” feet that kids love to feel walking up their arms!

Geckos (leaf-tailed)

Lots of types of geckos make great starter pets for those interested in caring for reptiles.

Bearded Dragon

Did you know dragons are real?! 

Frilled Dragon

They definitely are and we even have some living at Pawsitively Pets!

Blue Tongue Skink

Lizards are seriously cool and we have quite few varieties on our team.

Ackie Monitor

Big and small, these scaly animals are very interesting and have a lot to teach us.

Snakes (ball python)

Often given a bad rap, snakes are feared by many. We actually think they are one of the gentlest animals we have! 

Snakes (corn)

Coming in lots of different shapes and colours, snakes can actually be easy to care for, if you don’t mind mealtime! Often the highlight for many children, our smaller snakes love to become snake necklaces to those brave enough!

Come meet our animal teams in person - when we can come together again!

*Note all programs will take place at our Toronto Leaside location and can be booked anytime from our date of re-open until December, 31 2021.

Options available for us to come to your location for the programming with the addition of travel charges, depending on your location.

Programs are for families – 1 adult must be present for each group.

Up to 2 extra participants can register for each session.

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