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Pawsitively Pets is a registered HIGH FIVE® organization. HIGH FIVE® accreditation is the benchmark for excellence in children’s recreation and sport in Canada. As a HIGH FIVE® registered organization, Pawsitively Pets will meet the highest standard of excellence in providing sports and recreation programs for children in Canada.  Click Here to learn more about HIGH FIVE®

SPRING 2023 Class Programs 

Class Programs: We love sharing our love of animals with children of all ages, and we know children of all ages benefit from an interactive learning experience. You can join us for a class at our location or ask us how you can set up a weekly class at your location.  Our class programs are offered for a variety of age groups so animal lovers can get together in small groups to share their love of animals. All programs allow children to explore the wonderful world of animals, in a hands-on animal class each week.

Toddler/Preschooler – Hands-on Animal Class: Open to children 1-5 years old to attend with a caregiver. Wednesday, March 29 to Wednesday, May 10 – 10:30am – 11:15am – $135 + HST

Open to children 1 to 5 years old to attend with a caregiver.  A maximum of 12 children may register for this program. Each class is set up for children to attend with a caregiver the format is hands-on with the animals.

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Animals & Art: The program takes place at 94 Laird Drive location – NO CLASS SCHEDULED FOR THE SPRING TERM.

Pet Club: The program takes place at our 94 Laird Drive location – Tuesday, March 28 to Tuesday, May 9 – (7 weeks) 4:30pm – 5:30pm – $125 + HST

Drop-off program is open to children  6-9 years old to come and learn about the animals hands-on each week.

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Forest School – Outdoor Education Program SPRING 2023 Term:

Forest & Nature Caregiver & Tot Class: Open to children 2-4 years old to attend with a caregiver. Thursday, April 13 to Thursday, June 15 (10 weeks) 9am – 11:30am – $225 + HST  

Forest & Nature Homeschooler Program: Open to children 4-10 years old to attend with a caregiver. Tuesday, April 11 to Tuesday, June 11 – 1pm – 230pm – $125 + HST

Forest School – Outdoor Education Program: Open to children 4-8 years old.  Monday, March 27 to Monday, June 12(10 weeks) 10am – 3pm – (No class April 10 due to Easter Monday and no class May 22 due to Victoria Day) 10am – 3pm – $700

Forest School – Outdoor Education Program: Open to children 4-8 years old.  Wednesday, March 29 to Wednesday, June 14 (12 weeks) 10am – 3pm – 10am – 3pm – $840

Forest School – Outdoor Education Program: Open to children 4-8 years old.  Friday March 31 to Friday, June 16(12 weeks) 10am – 3pm – (No class February 17 due to PA Day) 10am – 3pm – $840

Open to children 4 to 8 years old to attend independently. This program allows our young learners to experience the outdoors and nature. The programs take place outside – rain or shine, we will use our indoor space at Pawsitively Pets in extreme weather and for a portion of each day for some of our animal programs.

All of our programs are created with the concept of experiential learning, exploring our curiosity for nature and the natural world. Working with our experienced team of outdoor educators children will connect with nature and living things, spending our day outside exploring the world around them. The Pawsitively Pets/Explore Nature program is a unique experience that is difficult to achieve in conventional learning environments.

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Home Alone Course:  Next class is scheduled for Friday, June 2 PA at 94 Laird Drive location – registration is open under our PA Day Programs.  Is your child ready to stay home alone? Help your child build confidence, and independence and prepare to stay safe at home or in the community when unsupervised! Youth will learn valuable life skills like how to spot tricky people, be street smart and stay alert… Participants learn about routines, house rules, safe snacking, staying safe online, fire safety, injury prevention and basic first aid. Important life skills for every child and ‘peace of mind’ for parents!  CLICK HERE to register!

Tween Time – Animal Time:  This program takes place at our 94 Laird Drive Location – Friday, March 24 to Friday, May 12 – (7 weeks – no class April 7 – Good Friday)  7pm – 8:30pm – $192.50 + HST This program is great for animal-loving kids who want to come, hang out with the animals, socialize with the animals and each other and work on some fun animal activities.

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Learn to Volunteer with the Animals –  Fall Program – Learn to Volunteer with the animals –  NEXT PROGRAM IS OFFERING IN JULY OR AUGUST AT SUMMER CAMP. This program will teach participants all the skills to be able to volunteer with the animals in the future. Cage cleaning, feeding, grooming, bathing and basic handling.

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