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How You can Visit with our Animals

Fun, educational, hands-on animal parties & events for all ages. Sharing our love of animals with our wonderful team of rescue friends!

         In-school or field trip curriculum-based            programs for JK to 8.

Hands-on animal education classes & workshops for all ages to explore their love of pets & animals!

Pet Therapy, Drop-in Programs, Guides & Scouts, or Virtual Programs, there’s something for everyone.

Animal Education camp programs for campers aged 4-14 years old! Inquire about programs for your camp.

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We’ve divided our experiences into 5 categories. See above and click on the Learn More option for the category you want to explore.


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Depending on the age and interests, we’ve got different experiences available for any animal lover to those who aspire to be a vet one day!


Register or Reserve

For our camps and programs, you can register online through our portal. For birthdays, events and private groups, simply fill out a form on our website and we’ll coordinate the details with you. Just have a question? Drop us a line!

Why Pawsitively Pets?

Pawsitively Pets is a hands-on animal education program for children and adults of all ages. Our wonderful animal team is made up of an assortment of rescued pets that have found their forever home with us. Our goal is to provide our animal team with a permanent home and the best possible care, while sharing our love for animals with others. All Pawsitively Pets programs focus on responsible pet ownership, and the life-long commitment of owning a pet.

At Pawsitively Pets we strive to offer an experience that provides our animals with positive interactions and the ability to share our love of animals with people hands-on, exploring the wonderful world of science, animals and nature.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”― Benjamin Franklin

Having the opportunity to interact with animals encourages hands-on learning, empathy, improves mental health and overall wellness, reduces anxiety, offers positive social interaction, and helps to foster a sense of compassion for other living things.

Pawsitively Pets has a variety of programs that will allow you to explore the wonderful world of animals hands-on. Whether through our classes, programs, camps, field trips, pet therapy, and mental health programs or brownie/scout programs, birthday party or special event we are excited to share a wonderful animal experience with you.

Things to Know

Allergy Alert

We ask that parents do not send children with any nut products to any of the Pawsitively Pets Programs.

We take all allergies seriously and have a very strict protocol on how animals who may have come in contact with traces of allergens in their diet are handled and prepared for programs and parties to ensure everyones safety. Please be aware that if your child has any life-threatening allergy that is it mandatory that they are wearing their epi-pen on their body at all times when engaged in one of our programs whether at our facility or your location. All of the Pawsitively Pets staff is trained in First Aid, CPR and epi-pens.

Please inform us of any allergies your child may have.

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