Pawsitively Pets encourages all children to explore their love of pets and animals. Working with animals is not only a great learning experience for children, it allows them to build confidence, self-esteem and a sense of compassion and enhances their imagination and interest in learning about science and nature.  Our wonderful team of rescue animals will take your child on an educational learning adventure, bring camp fun, and learning to life!

Pawsitively Pets offers Winter Break camp programs for campers 4-11 years old.  Under the Ministry of Education guidelines, all campers MUST be 4 years old as of the first day of camp to attend our programs.

2022/2023 Winter Break Programs – Program available for in-person camp for TORONTO & OTTAWA locations ONLY

This year we will have our regular in-person hands-on animal camp as well as our Outdoor Forest & Nature School (indoor space is available for this program in extreme weather and warming breaks.)  Toronto Winter Break Camp Extended Care available from 8am – 8:30am & 4:30pm – 5:30pm

CLICK HERE for 2022/2023 Toronto Winter Break Camp Dates & Pricing!

CLICK HERE for Ottawa 2022/2023 Winter Break Camp Dates & Pricing!

OTTAWA: Our Ottawa camps are hosted by The Zoo Crew. Please click on the lick above to see all Ottawa specific dates and pricing for Winter Camps 22/23. You will be re-directed to the The Zoo Crew website. 

Hands-on Animal Camp:

Little Lambs: Campers 4-5 years old – Program available for TORONTO/GTA locations ONLY.  Pawsitively Pets allows children to explore their love of animals through a hands-on program that incorporates animals, creativity, games and arts in a fun, engaging age-appropriate programs. The Little Lambs camp program focuses on allowing children to explore a variety of animals through hands-on interaction and learning. The Little Lambs Program is designed for children 4 to 5 years old to attend independently for a full day or half-day.  Children should be comfortable attending a program without their parent or caregiver to register for this program and be fully toilet trained.  The program focuses on sensory awareness, tactile stimulation, refining motor skills and enhancing each child’s imagination. During our Winter Break Programs, we have the opportunity to come for part-weeks or full weeks. Staff/Leader to camper ratio for Little Lambs is 1 staff to 6 campers.  Please see the link below for locations, dates and pricing, and discount opportunities.  TORONTO LITTLE LAMBS WINTER BREAK CAMP TAKES PLACE AT 125 BRENTCLIFFE ROAD 

Big Bunnies: Campers 6-8 years old. The Christmas Break is an exciting time for children, spending time exploring the love of pets and animals is a great learning experience for children to spend some structured fun learning time after all the excitement of the holiday season. The program will provide children 6 to 8 years old with a hands-on interactive animal experience.  TORONTO BIG BUNNIES WINTER BREAK CAMP TAKES PLACE AT 125 BRENTCLIFFE.

The Big Bunnies Program provides age-appropriate daily activities interacting with a wide variety of animals, working with them hands-on and understanding more about them, their care and how to safely interact with them. Staff/Leader to camper ratio for Big Bunnies is 1 staff to 8 campers.  Please see the link below for locations, dates and pricing, and discount opportunities.

Animal Care: Campers 9-11 years old. This program will allow our animal-loving campers to begin to learn how to take care of the Pawsitively Pets animal team.  Cage cleaning, food prep, grooming, animal enrichment and all the basics of animal care that enhances the lives of our animal team. Staff/Leader to camper ratio for Animal Care is 1 staff to 9 campers.  

TikTok CampCampers 11-13 years old. Let’s have tons of fun making fun animal videos for TikTok!  The program will be hands-on with the animals each day, building props and sets and filming videos (only the animals will be featured in the videos.)  Staff/Leader to camper ratio for TikTok Camp is 1 staff to 10 campers.  TORONTO TIKTOK WINTER BREAK CAMP TAKES PLACE AT 94 LAIRD DRIVE