Meet Our Parrots

Conisdered the stars of Pawsitively Pets, we currently have 5 parrots on our team.   

All of our parrots, like most of our animals, were rescued from homes that couldn’t provide them with the proper care anymore. Our birds aren’t too keen on getting pets from strangers, but love to perch on your arm, or even your head!


Meeko is a Moluccan, or Salmon Crested, Cockatoo.

Born in 1998, he is Mr. Personality and loves to jam out to hard rock, laugh as loud as he can, and destroy waterbottles and boxes!


George is our Double Yellow Headed Amazon and is our most colourful parrot, as well as our most talkative.

She was born in 1999 and loves to sing “This Little Piggy went to Market” and tell everyone “Merry Christmas!


Feke is our African Grey and loves to greet everyone at the door.

Born in 1995 Feke is our oldest bird in the bunch, but is no way old! Her favourite song is “Bad Boys” and will do almost anything for you if you have her favourite treat, timbits!


Caesar is our Sengal Parrot, and the newest member of our Parrot crew. We love discovering all of his new tricks and sayings as we are getting to know him. He is fitting in perfectly with our team, sitting on children’s heads and blowing kisses!


Double is our smallest little parrot, and she is a cinnamon & green cheeked Conure. One of the sweetest animals you’ve ever met, Double loves to snuggle, but she’ll steal your lunch when you’re not looking!

Come meet our animal teams in person - when we can come together again!

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