Meet Our Furry Friends

We have Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Sugar Gliders, Hamsters, Degus, Hedgehogs, Rats, Chinchillas and Ferrets.


We have a cuddly group of rabbits on our team. We are lucky enough to have adopted a variety of different species of rabbits as well. We have dwarf rabbits, lion head rabbits, lop-eared, and even some part angoras!


Our rabbits are extremely affectionate and love to cuddle up on children’s laps for some pets. Rabbits can make great pets for those who are up for the challenge.  


Did you know these guys can poop up to 500 pellets a day! They also have teeth that never stop growing, so they need lots of playtime and chew toys to keep them happy and healthy!

Guinea Pigs

Being a super popular pet for kids,  Guinea Pigs are a large part of our team. These squeaky snugglers love to live in pairs so they always have a best friend to live with to keep them happy. A few of our Guinea Pigs are even best friends with some of our rabbits! These little critter prefer to stay on level ground, as their spines are sensitive, but still love to be pet and tickled!

Sugar Gliders

These little marsupials are absolutely adorable! They are very social and love to live together. Our pair loves to spend their days asleep in their house, or cuddled up in fleece pouches because they are nocturnal. Seeing these guys awake at night is a real treat because they are very active in their enclosure! They love to eat juicy fruits and snack on some bugs while kids pet their tiny bodies! While they are adorable, they do require lots of handling and human interaction to stay happy and healthy.


With such a variety of species available as pets, it’s hard to choose just one! We have 2 types in our animal team, long-haired Syrian hamsters, and Roborovski hamsters (or Robos). The long-haired hamsters are also known as teddy bear hamsters because of their soft, fluffy fur. Robo hamsters are teeny tiny, and are super fast!


A lot of people are unfamiliar with what exactly a degu is. They are small members of the rodent family related to chinchillas and guinea pigs. They are native to South American countries like Chile. They are quite cute, and we ofent think they look like tiny little beavers because of their big front teeth!


They may not look so cuddly, but these guys sure are adorable! Our team of hedgehogs are very gentle and love to get pets, or come say hello for a tasty worm! Covered in quills from their forehead to tail, they take a special touch to handle, but can be pet when their quills are flat. These nocturnal cuties love to sleep, eat, and most of all poop!


Now these guys often get a bad rap, but we have no idea why! Rats are super social and incredibly affectionate. Our rats that we have here are so sweet and love to cuddle up on our shoulders to sneak some snacks. Whenever parents ask us what pet we recommend, we always suggest rats. They are very clean, easy to care for, and have a shorter lifespan so don’t require a long commitment.


Probably one of our most requested mammals! Chinchillas are the softest mammals in the world! They are so soft, they have to take special dust baths to keep clean and dry. Because they are from the Andes mountains, these little guys have excellent balance and love to sit on kids’ heads!


Talk about personality! Ferrets are super cute, and make us laugh all the time. They are very playful and smart and do need lots of handling to keep them happy. They can be trained to do lots of tricks and use a litterbox.

Come meet our animal teams in person - when we can come together again!

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