Our commitment to our animal team…..

Our wonderful animal team is made up of an assortment of rescued pets that have found their forever home with us. Our goal is to provide our animal team with a permanent home and the best possible care, while sharing our love or animals with others. All Pawsitively Pets programs focus on responsible pet ownership, and the life-long commitment of owning a pet.

At Pawsitively Pets our goal is to provide the highest standards of care to our wonderful animal friends, and help them live long happy lives. We work hand-in-hand with our veterinary team, our staff, and animal care attendants to ensure that all of our animals care practices enable our animals to live enriched healthy lives.  Animals that are part of our team enjoy what they do and love to connect with people.  If at any time we find that one of our animal friends no longer enjoys their work with us we move this animal into their retirement plan where they can live out their remaining years in a way that makes them happy and content.

We are inspected regularly by the OSPCA, meet all by-law requirements with regards to the animals we keep and are inspected by public health.  All animals are regularly seen by our veterinarian, are vaccinated as required, and are screened for parasites and other zoonotic disease.

The goal of all of our programs is that the interactions with the animals is enjoyable for both the animals and the people participating.


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Come meet our animal teams in person - when we can come together again!

*Note all programs will take place at our Toronto Leaside location and can be booked anytime from our date of re-open until December, 31 2021.

Options available for us to come to your location for the programming with the addition of travel charges, depending on your location.

Programs are for families – 1 adult must be present for each group.

Up to 2 extra participants can register for each session.

All pricing subject to HST.

We have lots of ways you can interact and learn more about all our amazing creatures. Fill out the registration form here to get started!