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The Pawsitively Pets Philosophy

Sharing our love of animals!

Pawsitively Pets specializes in all things animals and kids! While we host many programs for adults and seniors the majority of our programs are for children. We love to share our love of animals with people, teaching children about nature, animals conservation and humane education. The core of our programs are to teach children about responsibility and empathy through caring, loving and being in the company of animals. Our magical facility is the home to a number of wonderful animals, most of who we have rescued. Pawsitively Pets is committed to helping animals in need and whenever possible we strive to adopt shelter and rescue animals that are suitable to our program helping to ensure that they can find a good home and live a happy life with the love of all of our visitors.  

Our program will allow you to explore the wonderful world of animals hands-on!  Whether through our classes, programs, camps, field trips, brownie/scout programs, or a birthday party or special event we are excited to share our wonderful animal experience with you.

A percentage of our program fees goes to helping animals in need.

Pawsitively Pets also provides pet sitting to ensure you pet can have the best possible care when you are away!  Our team of animal experts will help to make sure that your pet has the best loving care while you are away.  For more info on our Pet Sitting Program visit our Pet Sitting page.