What Makes A Good Pet

Campers 8.5-11 years old (Grade 4-6) 

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*Please note our Leaside What Makes a Good Pet program takes place at our 94 Laird Drive location.

The What Makes A Good Pet camp program is designed for children 9 to 11 years old (Grades 4-6.) This program is offered in week-long sessions and allows campers to explore the amazing world of pets. Looking at the care and commitment different pets need, why some pets are a good fit for some families and maybe not the best choice for others.  We will learn about all the different aspects of pet ownership from start to finish and work to help your child grow their knowledge of pets and animals and help them understand all the commitment of pet ownership, from where to find a pet, how to care for it, clean their cages, make their food and basic handling. This is the perfect program for a child that is always asking for a pet! This program will help to not only give them their ‘pet-fix,’ but also help them to understand everything about different pets.

All participants receive a t-shirt with their registration.

Staff/Leader to camper ratio for Young Pups is 1 staff to 8 campers.

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