Mini Vet Camp

Campers 12-14 years old

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*Please note the Leaside Mini Vet Programs will take place at our 94 Laird Drive location

The perfect camp for the aspiring veterinarian!  This is an academic camp, best suited to kids who are keen on learning about veterinary medicine.  Before registering, be sure this is the right fit for your camper!

For those who want to be a vet one day or have a keen interest in working in the veterinary field and are interested in an academic camp program. The Pawsitively Pets Mini Vet Camp has a three-level, hands-on program to walk kids through the key aspects of veterinary medicine and working in an animal hospital and other animal health and wellness fields  Mini Vet 1, Mini Vet 2 & Mini Vet 3 will be available for the 2024 Summer.

Campers will be introduced to veterinary medicine and learn all about what it takes to be a vet and what you need to take in school.  Please note this program has three levels, and different components happen in each course.  Mini Vet 1 focuses on Pet First Aid & CPR, Mini Vet 2 focuses on a case study, radiology, parasitology and how to diagnose different illnesses.  Our Mini Vet 3 program works on various procedures, mock surgeries, large animal veterinary medicine and more. For the Mini Vet 3 program, campers will participate in off-site field trips.

Throughout the three-level program, participants will have the chance to look at what it is like to work in the vet clinic, learn how to give injections and mock surgery, and complete a full pet wellness exam. Please note different aspects of Mini Vet happen in each level. It is recommended campers take each level in order. Mini Vet 1 & 2 must be taken to participate in Mini Vet 3.

All Mini Vet programs have hands-on interaction with the animals each day.

All Mini Vet 1 participants receive a pet first aid kit, Mini Vet 2 a scrub shirt and Mini Vet 3 a stethoscope with their registration.

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Staff/Leader to camper ratio for Mini Vet is 1 staff to 10 campers.  

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