Pet Therapy

Animals are a wonderful addition to everyone’s life.  The documented benefits of interaction with animals are physical, mental, and emotional. The simple act of holding an animal can relieve symptoms of depression, lower blood pressure and even decrease surgical patients’ healing time. 

Pawsitively Pets can bring our animals to you for wellness days, mental health awareness events, and other animal therapy visits.

Our pets also love visiting seniors! Pets and the elderly have a lot to give each other. Pawsitively Pets provides residents the opportunity to have one-on-one loving hands-on time with our animals.  The animals are presented in baskets or trays to allow for easy access for petting and to protect laps from contact with the animal nails.  Programs start with a 45-minute or 1-hour visits and can be customized to each individual facilities requirements.

Seniors home visits are highly discounted beginning at 20% off and additional discounts are available for regular bookings scheduled weekly, monthly or every other month.

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