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What better way to enhance your school program curriculum than hands-on inteaction with the Pawsitively Pets animals!

Pawsitively Pets has programs for children of all ages from 2 years to 16 years old!

Pawsitively Pets is available for daytime programs for School Programs (2 years old - Grade 11) at Pre-Schools, Childcare Centers, Nurseries, Montessori Schools and our Mini Vet Program for High School students. Also great for Girl Guides & Scout Troops.  We can come to you or you  can arrange a field trip to us!  Scroll through the info below for your program of interest.  Custom programs are also available. 

Pre-school Age Programs

If you are a preschool/daycare or nursery school program and would like to visit Pawsitively Pets or have us visit you please read the information below.

Pawsitively Pets is available for fun hands-on animal programs at Pre-schools, Childcare Centres, Nursery Schools and Montessori Schools.  These specially designed programs are geared towards young children, focus on giving the children the opportunity to touch, hold and learn about live animals while teaching the importance of being gentle and respectful of living creatures.  

Our staff can come to your location for an hour (our minimum visit time) and stay as long as you like. You can break your visit into half hour, 45 minute or one hour programs. For a half hour program, the participants would meet 4 to 5 animals, 45 minutes will meet 5 to 6 animals and a full hour will meet up to 8 different animals. We can also arrange to visit you once a week or once a month and bring different animals and a different adventure every time. It is a fantastic way to bring a variety of animals from all over the world direct to you - all hands on learning and fun.

Pre-school age children will enjoy our variety of themes which allow them to explore different areas of  the animals of the world.

- Animal Hide and Seek - Camouflage and Natural Defences

- Habitats and Adaptations

- Do I sleep in the night or day?

- Predator vs. Prey

- Survival in the wild and more!

Daycare visits are discounted and additional discounts are available for regular bookings scheduled weekly, monthly or every other month.  One time bookings are $165 HST in the Toronto area.  We do recommend for groups of students under the age of 3 years old that we split the group into 12-15 children per presentation.  One hour presentations can be split into two 30 minute presentations to ensure children get the most "hands-on" time possible with as little waiting for the animals to come to them.  Half day programs (2 hours) are available for $250 HST - a two hour booking can be divided into a maximum of 4-30 minute shows.  

Additional time over a 2 hour booking can be booked at $50 per hour.

Additional 30 minutes to a 1 hour presentation can be booked at $50.

Please note bookings outside of Toronto - within our travel area have a $25 travel charge.

Grade School & High School Programs

Here’s some more information on our programs that you are available for your school.  We also can develop custom program and lunchtime Pet Club options to meet every budget.  If you don’t see something on this list that will work for your school call us and we can create something custom for you!

Pawsitviely Pets Hands-on Animal Class – available afterschool or over lunch

  • Program is a 1-hour hands-on class.  Suitable for children 3 (content will vary based on the age of the group.)  Each week we will cover different animal themes – eg/ Do I sleep in the night or day?  What makes a good pet?  And many more!  Children will have the chance to interact hands-on with the animals each week! 
  • Programs can be booked for 6 week session or more
  • Class can take up to 20 children
  • Cost for Toronto schools - $12.95 per child (minimum of 10 children to run the program or a slightly increased cost per child.) Book more than 15 children for a class and cost is reduced to $10.95 per child
  • Cost for schools outside Toronto but in the GTA  - $13.95 per child (minimum of 10 children to run the program or a slightly increased cost per child.) Book more than 15 children for a class and cost is reduced to $11.95 per child 

Pawsitviely Pets Hands-on Science Program– available for half day or full day bookings 

Science Programs are suitable for students Grade 3 & Up. 

Mini Vet Prorgram is available for students Grade 7 through 11, content varies based on grade level.

  • Pawsitively Pets will provide programming (based on your current science curriculum/grade level  - eg/ habitats etc) that will be interactive  with our animals and provide a great hands-on learning opportunity.
  • Half Day Program (2 hours) $245 in Toronto / $260 outside Toronto within the GTA
  • Full Day Program (5 hours) $450 in Toronto / $465 outside Toronto within the GTA

Interested in taking a field trip to Pawsitively Pets?  We would love to have you!  Contact us for more info!