A Day at Camp

All About Pawsitively Pets!

Pawsitively Pets has day camp programs available for children 4 to 14 years old.  Half Day programs are available for children 4-5 years old.  Camp Programs are available during the Winter Break, March Break, Passover, Summer and PA Days.  Summer camps offer full week programs, other breaks offer full weeks, or select days of camp programs. Please note some of our locations operate all year and others are open for summer camp programs only. Our regular camp day runs 9am – 4pm.  Extended Care is available at all locations from 8am – 530pm, or at some locations extended care is available until 6pm.

Daily Programming:

Daily programs are a variety of hands-on animal interactions, enrichment activities and other animal learning experiences, with a key focus on science, animals and nature.  Please check your Program page for a daily schedule for the program and season of interest. All campers meet approximately 100 animals each week!

Campers must be the minimum age of the camp age guidelines by December 31 of the camp year to attend any listed programs.  Campers that are 4 years old MUST BE 4 years old as of the first day of camp as per the Ministry of Education requirements for camp under the new Ontario Early Years guidelines.

Please remember that Pawsitively Pets is not a sports camp – we are a pet camp, which means that a 50-60% of our day is spent inside our facility with our animals, (wherever possible we will work with the animals outside,)as many of our hands-on animal programs cannot take place outside in very hot or cold weather or with any animals that are a “flight risk.” We do our best to eat lunch outside each day and have some outside time at the park weather permitting, but in the extreme heat we will stay inside and eat lunch in our air-conditioned facility.  Some of our off-site trips are also focused outdoors with the option to go indoors in inclement weather.  If you are looking for a camp that has sports, or swimming time, Pawsitively Pets is likely not the best option for your campers, our camp has been developed to help children embrace their love of animals and provide them with a unique hands-on experience with a variety of the animals that they likely would not have the chance to interact with.

Lunch & Snacks:
All of our campers are responsible for bringing their own nut free lunch and snacks that do not require refrigeration.  If you find packing a lunch to be tough for your child we would be happy to recommend some great lunch services where you can choose a week of lunches, have them delivered to your home and send one each day!

For more information on programs in your area visit the location of interest (you can click the pink bar across the top of the screen for your city) and click on Camp Programs.