With Canada’s 150th birthday approaching, let’s celebrate some of Canada’s National Animals!

In 1975 the Beaver was officially named an emblem of Canada. However, long before that, Beavers were very important to Canada’s identity. Beaver fur was extremely popular in fashion in the early 1700s. The Beaver was so popular and integral to Canada’s economy, that it was highly regarded as a national symbol.

Despite this recognition, the beaver was close to extinction by the mid-19th century. There were an estimated six million beavers in Canada before the start of the fur trade. During its peak, 100,000 pelts were being shipped to Europe each year; the Canadian beaver was in danger of being wiped out. Luckily, about that time, Europeans took a liking to silk hats and the demand for beaver pelts all but disappeared.

Today, thanks to conservation and silk hats, the beaver – the largest rodent in Canada – is alive and well all over the country.

We love beavers, what’s your favourite Canadian animal?

-Information taken from Government of Canada website.