Our commitment to our animal team…..

Our wonderful animal team is made up of an assortment of rescued pets that have found their forever home with us. Our goal is to provide our animal team with a permanent home and the best possible care, while sharing our love or animals with others. All Pawsitively Pets programs focus on responsible pet ownership, and the life-long commitment of owning a pet.

At Pawsitively Pets our goal is to provide the highest standards of care to our wonderful animal friends, and help them live long happy lives. We work hand-in-hand with our veterinary team, our staff, and animal care attendants to ensure that all of our animals care practices enable our animals to live enriched healthy lives.  Animals that are part of our team enjoy what they do and love to connect with people.  If at any time we find that one of our animal friends no longer enjoys their work with us we move this animal into their retirement plan where they can live out their remaining years in a way that makes them happy and content.

We are inspected regularly by the OSPCA, meet all by-law requirements with regards to the animals we keep and are inspected by public health.  All animals are regularly seen by our veterinarian, are vaccinated as required, and are screened for parasites and other zoonotic disease.

The goal of all of our programs is that the interactions with the animals is enjoyable for both the animals and the people participating.

Bird Friends



Considered the stars of Pawsitively Pets, we currently have 5 parrots on our team.

  1. Meeko is a Moluccan, or Salmon Crested, Cockatoo. Born in 1998, he is Mr. Personality and loves to jam out to hard rock, laugh as loud as he can, and destroy water-bottles and boxes!
  2. George is our Double Yellow Headed Amazon and is our most colourful parrot, as well as our most talkative. She was born in 1999 and loves to sing “This Little Piggy went to Market” and tell everyone “Merry Christmas!”
  3. Feke is our African Grey and loves to greet everyone at the door. Born in 1995 Feke is our oldest bird in the bunch, but is no way old! Her favourite song is “Bad Boys” and will do almost anything for you if you have her favourite treat, timbits!
  4. Caesar is our Sengal Parrot, and the newest member of our Parrot crew. We love discovering all of his new tricks and sayings as we are getting to know him. He is fitting in perfectly with our team, sitting on children’s heads and blowing kisses!
  5. Double is our smallest little parrot, and she is a cinnamon & green cheeked conure. One of the sweetest animals you’ve ever met, Double loves to snuggle, but steal your lunch when you’re not looking!

All of our parrots, like most of our animals, were rescued from homes that couldn’t provide them with the proper care anymore. Our birds aren’t too keen on getting pets from strangers, but love to perch on your arm, or even your head!

Reptile Friends



Ever wonder what the difference between a turtle and tortoise is? Well there are a few common differences. We have 4 different species of tortoises in our animal team, and they’re all a bit different from each other. We have some tortoise species who thrive in tropical environments, and some in more desert conditions. One thing is for sure, a pet tortoise is a huge commitment. Some tortoises can live over 100 years!


There are so many different types of geckos! We have leopard geckos, crested geckos, and leaf-tailed geckos in our animal team. Each gecko has amazing unique qualities that help them to survive in the wild. Lots of types of geckos make great starter pets for those interesting in caring for reptiles. Some have “sticky” feet that kids love to feel walking up their arms!


Did you know dragons are real?! They definitely are and we even have some living at Pawsitively Pets! Lizards are seriously cool and we have quite few varieties on our team. Big and small, these scaly animals are very interesting and have a lot to teach us.


Also given a bad rap, snakes are often feared by many. We actually think they are one of the gentlest animals we have! Coming in lots of different shapes and colours, snakes can actually be easy to care for, if you don’t mind mealtime! Often the highlight for many children, our smaller snakes love to become snake necklaces to those brave enough!

Hermit Crabs:

Check out these cool crustaceans! We have some terrestrial species of hermit crabs, that thrive in tropical habitats. What’s really cool about them, is that even though they live mostly on land, they still breath through gills! Because of their gills they must be able to get fresh and saltwater.

Furry Friends



We have a cuddly group of rabbits on our team. We are lucky enough to have adopted a variety of different species of rabbits as well. We have dwarf rabbits, lion head rabbits, lop-eared, and even some part angoras! Our rabbits are extremely affectionate and love to cuddle up on children’s laps for some pets. Rabbits can make great pets for those who are up for the challenge.  Did you know these guys can poop up to 500 pellets a day! They also have teeth that never stop growing, so they need lots of playtime and chew toys to keep them happy and healthy!

Guinea Pigs:

Being a super popular pet for kids,  Guinea Pigs are a large part of our team. These squeaky snugglers love to live in pairs so they always have a best friend to live with to keep them happy. A few of our Guinea Pigs are even best friends with some of our rabbits! These little critter prefer to stay on level ground, as their spines are sensitive, but still love to be pet and tickled!


With such a variety of species available as pets, it’s hard to choose just one! We have 2 types in our animal team, long-haired Syrian hamsters, and Roborovski hamsters (or Robos). The long-haired hamsters are also known as teddy bear hamsters because of their soft, fluffy fur. Robo hamsters are teeny tiny, and are super fast!


They may not look so cuddly, but these guys sure are adorable! Our team of hedgehogs are very gentle and love to get pets, or come say hello for a tasty worm! Covered in quills from their forehead to tail, they take a special touch to handle, but can be pet when their quills are flat. These nocturnal cuties love to sleep, eat, and most of all poop!


A lot of people are unfamiliar with what exactly a degu is. They are small members of the rodent family related to chinchillas and guinea pigs. They are native to South American countries like Chile. They are quite cute, and we ofen think they look like tiny little beavers because of their big front teeth!


Probably one of our most requested mammals! Chinchillas are the softest mammals in the world! They are so soft, they have to take special dust baths to keep clean and dry. Because they are from the Andes mountains, these little guys have excellent balance and love to sit on kids’ heads!

Sugar Gliders:

These little marsupials are absolutely adorable! They are very social and love to live together. Our pair loves to spend their days asleep in their house, or cuddled up in fleece pouches because they are nocturnal. Seeing these guys awake at night is a real treat because they are very active in their enclosure! They love to eat juicy fruits and snack on some bugs while kids pet their tiny bodies! While they are adorable, they do require lots of handling and human interaction to stay happy and healthy.


Now these guys often get a bad rap, but we have no idea why! Rats are super social and incredibly affectionate. Our rats that we have here are so sweet and love to cuddle up on our shoulders to sneak some snacks. Whenever parents ask us what pet we recommend, we always suggest rats. They are very clean, easy to care for, and have a shorter lifespan so don’t require a long commitment.


Talk about personality! Ferrets are super cute, and make us laugh all the time. They are very playful and smart and do need lots of handling to keep them happy. They can be trained to do lots of tricks and use a litterbox.