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March Break Big Bunnies Camp

Pawsitively Pets encourages all children to explore their love of pets and animals. Working with animals is not only a great learning experience for children, it allows them to build confidence, self-esteem and a sense of compassion and enhances their imagination.

Pawsitively Pets for Kids Camp Program for campers 6-8 years old will be offered on the March Break 2017 at both Leaside & High Park!

Pawsitively Pets allows children to explore their love of animals through a hands-on program that incorporates animals, activities and arts in a fun, engaging age-appropriate programs. The Big Bunnies program is offered over March Break and focuses on allowing children to explore a variety of animals through hands-on interaction and learning. The Big Bunnies Program is designed for children 6 to 8 years old.  (Programming is available in our Little Lambs camp for children 4-5 years old in full day or half day programs.) 

Class Ratio is 1 staff to 8 participants. The Big Bunnies Program has 25 spots open for each session. 

 The Big Bunnies Program is offered over March Break 2017 (both the Public & Private School March Break at Leaside and Public school March Break at High Park)  in full day programs, for 2-day, 3-day or full week sessions.

Camp is drop-off pick-up.  Extended Care is available.

Big Bunnies Program March Break 2018 - dates to be posted in October

CLICK HERE for Daily Schedule 


Please note fee schedule above.  The program is offered in full-day sessions only.  Please note a 20% discount is available to those who register for a FULL WEEK Program and pay in full prior to November 15.  10% Discount is available to those who register and pay in full prior to January 15.

If you are registering online full payment is due at the time of registration.  Our online payment application does not accept deposits.

Payment can be made by cheque, cash, Visa or Mastercard.


Pawsitively Pets Refund Policy:

 Refunds for camps will be made if requested in writing, by fax or email and will be refunded in accordance with the schedule below. Credit can be obtained for the full amount of the refund to use towards another program if the guidelines are met, and the program date is within the same calendar year.

Refunds on credit card or in the form of a personal cheque are subject to a $25 administrative fee (per camp session/per child,) deducted from the total allowable refund.

Refunds in the form of personal cheque may take up to 4-6 weeks for processing.  Refunds will be issued in the format they were originally paid.

Pawsitively Pets reserves the right to grant exceptions to the stated policy in situations including, but not limited to, illness and death in the immediate family.

No Refunds for Partial Camp Attendance or Illness:

We do not give refunds or credits when someone chooses to leave camp part way through, whether due to illness or any other reason.  Virtually all of our expenses are incurred before the start of the camp week.  Similarly, we cannot give refunds or credits to people who have registered for more than one session if they choose during their first session not to attend another session.  (The exception to this is if we are able to fill the spot with someone on our waiting list.) 

Extreme Circumstances:

(Someone in your family is told they have 6 months to live, your house burns down, etc.) 

By all means, contact us!  We're not heartless.  We may ask for some kind of documentation and explanation, and we'll be more flexible if we hear from you sooner rather than later.  We'll consider all situations individually.   

Winter Weather Conditions:

Camp will take place in all weather conditions - should camp need to be cancelled due to extreme weather - campers will be notified the morning of the program and offered a credit for that day.

Refund Guidelines:

Time of request - Up to January 15 - 100% REFUND - $25 Admin Fee per camper/per session 

January 16 to February 15 - 50% REFUND - $25 Admin Fee per camper/per session 

After February  15th  - NO REFUND