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Animal Attendant Training Program

Pawsitively Pets has a new Animal Attendant training program for children 10 years old and up to come and work with and care for the Pawsitively Pets Animals.  Adults are welcome to sign up too!

This program will include the following:

  • Animal Care – includes cage cleaning/maintenance
  • Animal Housing/habitats/husbandry
  • Feeding the animals
  • Preparing food
  • Basic Nutrition – treats/food and fresh food
  • Making homemade pet food
  • Animal enrichment 
  • Animal handling instruction and training
  • Animal socialization 
  • Animal health/wellness checks – body conditioning/weights/ears/nails/teeth
  • Animal baths/grooming
  • Positive Reinforcement Training
  • Target training/tricks training
  • Basic anatomy 
  • Species/Breeds/Lifespan
  • Veterinary Care
  • Animal Presentations

 Participants will work with over 35 animals over the course of the term.  This program is the foundation for participants to pursue a career with animals, or to volunteer with our animals.  There is a small fee for this program that covers the staff support and training for all the participants.  Participants will assist each night in the care and feeding of the animals and a keep learning segment. 


Sunday January 15, 2017 to Sunday March 26, 2017 - (no class on Family Day weekend) for children 10 years old - 8am - 930am - $195.00 HST



Space for the program is limited.   Program cost is $195.00 plus HST 

Please note this program is hard work and participants are taking part in all of the above listed activities – it is not a "pick and choose list."  This program is suitable for true animal lovers who want to participate in all aspects of animal care, learn more about animals and have fun caring for them and enriching the lives of the animals.