What makes a good pet?

What Makes A “Good” Pet?  This is a question we are often asked, but this is a tough question to answer, as it varies from family to family.  Like with most things, you will only get out of your pet what you put into it. A pet is a big commitment and will require time and energy to create a bonded relationship with your new family member.

Some things we suggest you consider before choosing a pet:

What pets interest you?

What are their daily care needs?

What does the animal require for a comfortable habitat?

How long is their lifespan?  (Eg/ new pet will likely live 10 years. Your child is 10 years old – are you prepared to have this animal when your child is away at university?)

Are they suitable for your home environment and lifestyle?

What are their veterinary needs?

Are they easy to handle and something you can interact with?

Once you have decided on what might be a good pet the best thing to do is meet some of these pets, interact with them, handle them and talk to their owners about what they are like as a pet?

If this is still a good fit check out your local shelters and rescue organizations to see how you can help provide a good home to a pet in need.

We are always happy to speak with you when you are considering adding a pet to your home. Our wonderful team of “pets” all came to us when their owners could no longer keep them.